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Kimiaye Saadat – Temptations of Hunger and Sexual Desires (Part 2 of 10)


This is a second part of our ongoing series of Kimiaye Saadat.  If you’ve missed it you can read Part 1 Over here Kimiaye Saadat – Akhlaq-e-Hasna (Part 1 of 10) . Below is a brief introduction about second chapter.

For Muslims of the Sufi point of view, self-restraint is an essential virtue for the conduct of spiritual exercises leading to union with Allah [God]. They preached against all that which diverts one from concentration of the worship of Allah [God]. They looked upon excessive eating and sexual intercourse as the root cause of distraction, a sort of disease to be avoided and if deep-rooted, a weakness to be overcome by rigorous spiritual exercises.

For those who suffer from the temptations of the genital marriage was recommended as the last resort. In this chapter Imam Ghazali wrote a classical Islamic position on how to fight the urge to indulge food and sex.

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