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Amazing Qir’at- Hasan bin Abdullah Al ‘Awad

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Muhammad Ali is the President of The SEO Compass™ and Faculty Chair at Digital Academia. He is a regular contributor at Rah-e-Haq where he is trying to make Islamic Information available through Google


  1. Hafiz Muhammad Ali

    MashaAllah…….i wish i could Recite like him…please upload more videos…JazakAllah

  2. I Wish This Flawless & Amazing Recitation Never Ends………


  3. he has a way of reciting the quran that we wished we had
    listening to him brought tears to my eyes

  4. Mashallah, Subhanallah, Most beautiful voice ever heard, Allah Subhantalah have given him most beautiful voice and most beautifulgift anyone ever could ask for. I hope and wish one day his voice will unite all the umma.

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