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Ibadat for Shab e Barat

The 15th night of Shabaan is known as SHAB-e-BARAAT,which is next to Lailatul Qadr (27th night of Ramadaan) in auspiciousness. The Holy Prophet is reported to have said: “People are not aware of the excellence of the month of Shabaan, the month that comes between the months of Rajab and Ramadaan. In this month, the action of the people are ... Read More »

Ibadat for Shab-e-Meraj

Importance of Shabe Meraj 27th Rajab – Lailat al Miraj, also known as Shab-e-Miraj, celebrates the Isra and Miraj of the Prophet Muhammad May peace and blessings be upon His Purest Soul, When our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) went from Mecca to Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jersalem from there Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H were Elevated where He First Met Hazrat Adam A.S on ... Read More »

Hazrat Loot AS – Part 9 (Stories of Prophets)

Hazrat Loot A.S were cousin of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S and one of the few prophets that has been mentioned in the Holy Quran by name and complete story has been mentioned in the Quran and what He had to go through. The Nation of Hazrat Loot A.S were the first nation in the world who were involved in fulfilling their ... Read More »

Kimiaye Saadat – Love for Status, Its Evil and Treatment (Part 7 of 10)

Alchemy of Happiness by Imam Al Ghazali

This is a Seventh part of our ongoing series of Kimiaye Saadat by Imam Al-Ghazali  If you’ve missed it you can read Part 1 Over here Kimiaye Saadat – Akhlaq-e-Hasna (Part 1 of 10) . You can read a little introduction of Seventh Chapter. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said that the love of wealth, status and praise grows hypocrisy in the heart just as water grows the grass ... Read More »

Hazrat Ishaq (Isac) AS – Part 8 (Stories of Prophets)

Hazrat Ishaq A.S birth was a miracle itself as both Hazrat Ibrahim A.S and His Wife Bibi Sarah were old with Hazrat Ibrahim A.S of age 100. Hazrat Ishaq then went on to had 2 Sons Hazrat Yaqood A.S and Altarteeb Esau. To Download: Press Download Button and put User Name: rahehaqguests Password: rahehaqguests Read More »

Hazrat Abraham A.S – Part 6 (Stories of Prophets)

Hazrat Ibrahim A.S always believed that Idols can’t speak, see or answer to any call nor they can provide any benefit or harm, He always believed in the Oneness of Allah SWT and started his journey by Inviting His Father towards Islam which he refused. This story tells us about various incidents that took place in His life including his ... Read More »

Hazrat Ismail A.S – Part 7 (Stories of Prophets)

Hazrat Ismail A.S was Hazrat Ibrahim’s A.S son who was left near the Zamzam well in Makkah upon Allah’s order. This story tells us about the miracle of Zamzam Well, Dream of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S slaughtering his own Son and the construction of Kaaba. To Download: Press Download Button and put User Name: rahehaqguests Password: rahehaqguests Read More »

Hazrat Saleh A.S – Part 5 (Stories of Prophets)

Nation Samood was Idol worshippers and paganist like their forefathers and Allah SWT sent Hazrat Saleh A.S as a Prophet from their own tribe to guide them towards the righteouss path. Allah SWT granted Hazrat Saleh A.S a miracle which was requested by their nation in the form of a 10 Month pregnant camel but even that was not enough ... Read More »

Hazrat Hood A.S – Part 4 (Stories of Prophets)

Hazrat Hood A.S were sent to Nation AAD who were Idol worshipers like the nation of Hazrat Nooh A.S. When Hazrat Hood A.S preached the word of Allah SWT they made fun of Him and as a result faced severe punishment from Allah. This story tells us about the character of Prophet’s A.S who repay evil with kidness. To Download: Press ... Read More »