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Kimiaye Saadat – Akhlaq-e-Hasna (Part 1 of 10)

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We are please to announce you by the Grace and Blessings of Allah that we are launching a new series from a very famous book The Alchemy of Happiness [Kimiaye Saadat] written by Abu Hamed Mohammad ibn Mohammad al-Ghazzali who is also known as Hujjat Ul-Islam.

In Kimiaye Saadat, Imam Ghazali shed light on the importance of observing  ritual requirements of Islam and the actions that leads to A Path to Salvation and how to avoid sins and break the shackles of ignorance.


The Kimiya-yi Sa’adat and its subsequent translations begin with citing some councils of the Prophet. Overall, the Kimiya-yi sa’?dat has four principle parts of ten chapters each:

  1. Ebadat (Religious Duties)
  2. Monjiat (Salvation)
  3. Mu’amalat (Human Relations aspect of Islam)
  4. Mohlekat (Damnation)
We are starting off by uploading the third chapter which is about Human relations aspect of Islam which consists of 10 parts and will InshAllah upload the rest of the parts.
While trying to walk on A Path to Salvation,  Shatian [Demon] astray us from the righteous path and sometimes we don’t realize it if we are leading to a Path to Salvation or not. This chapter will teach us how to reflect on our own deeds and take corrective measures in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

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