Hazrat Muhammad PBUH in a Women’s Dream

Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters,

We experience many dreams in our lives however there are some dreams that have spiritual significance and only makes our believe firm on Allah and its Prophets.

We are sharing an amazing dream of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH that tells us about what Allah has planned for a Muslim country that will unite Muslims and the era of Muslim revival will begin.

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Name yourselves with my name (use my name) but do not name yourselves with my Kunya name (i.e. Abu-l Qasim). And whoever sees me in a Dream then surely he has seen me for Satan cannot impersonate me.  And whoever tells a lie against me (intentionally), then (surely) let him occupy his seat in Hell-fire.”  (Volume #1, Book #3, Hadith #110)


Hazrat Muhammad PBUH in a Women's Dream - Part 2 a



Hazrat Muhammad PBUH in a Women's Dream - Part 3 b

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